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Did you know type 2 diabetes can be put into remission?

Diabetes cannot be cured, because the pancreas cells are permanently damaged, but insulin resistance can be reduced, while type 2-diabetes can be put into remission.

Weight loss program for diabetes 2

What is the CDE-Optifast® Programme?

The CDE-Optifast® Programme is nutritionally structured and developed by leading experts and supported by medical professionals.

Before registration you need to be medically assessed by a general practitioner to rule out health risks, while laboratory tests may also be required. You will nutritionally be assessed by a CDE Optifast® registered dietician, while follow-up visits will be scheduled for week 2, week 4 and week 8 as well as on 6 months. During the monitoring period you will not only learn how to lose weight but also how to keep it off.

The CDE-Optifast® programme is a very low caloric (800 kcal) dietary programme. To ensure safe weight loss adequate protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals are provided daily. It consists of three scientific formulated shakes taken daily for a period of eight weeks. This is accompanied by unrestricted vegetable and salad intake. The eight week period is followed by a four week period where food is gradually re-introduced. Initially, your intake will consists of one caloric controlled meal together with two shakes. This is followed by one shake and two low caloric controlled meals for the remaining two weeks.

According to the literature consumption of Optifast® promotes significant weight loss; an average of 1 - 2.5 kg is lost per week. After being on the CDE-Optifast® programme for 26 weeks, the study group lost an average of 25% of their starting weight.

Recent research indicated that 87% of people who have had diabetes for less than four years can achieve diabetes remission after 8 weeks on the CDE-Optifast® programme. However, if you have diabetes for longer than 8 years, one has a 50% chance to achieve remission if you follow the low caloric dietary programme. If remission doesn’t occur all is not lost, because you have lost weight while improved blood glucose levels will be experienced. Another advantage is that less insulin and oral medication will also be used.


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