Corportate wellness dietitian

Corporate Wellness

"The greatest wealth is health.”

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

A Worksite wellness program which focuses mainly on healthy eating and behaviour changes at the work place is of utmost importance because we spend most time of the day at work.


Discovery Vitality Points


Individuals registered at Discovery Vitality can earn 1000 Vitality points during a Vitality Nutrition Consultation. An additional 250 points can be earned when you qualify and join the Vitality Weight-Loss Rewards (WLR) Programme.

On-Site Consultations

On Site Consultations

Onsite assessment for individuals diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, colon disorders, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes or over- and underweight.


The Biggest Loser Competition

The Biggest Loser Competition has an element of fun while weight loss is promoted in order to improve general health. Program include the following activities to keep your staff motivated:

Lunch ‘n Learn Health Talks

Lunch ‘n Learn Health Talks

Depending on the need of the organization, nutrition related health talks can be given to employees at all levels of the organization. Health talks can be given on site or at a suitable venue.

Anemia (iron deficiency)
Celiac disease
Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing)
Eating disorders
Heart disease

High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Inflammatory bowel disease
Irritable bowel disease
Kidney failure
Low blood sugar
Polycystic ovary disease (PCOS)
Pre-diabetes (Insulin resistance)
Stomach ulcers
Vitamin D deficiency
Weight gain

Registered Wellness Service provider with Bestmed Tempo Wellness Programme

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